Subtle Signs Your Gutter System Needs Attention

30 August 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

One thing many business owners don't pay a lot of attention to is the condition of their gutters. A leaky roof or faulty windows may be at the forefront of an upgrade, but sometimes, the gutters need attention too. Not only are they prone to backups and blockages—they can also affect the overall condition of the building. How would you know? Check out these signs that your gutter system needs attention. 

Water Flow is Blocked or Diverted

One of the first telltale signs gutters are clogged is when water flow doesn't travel through the gutters properly. This indicates that there is likely a clog somewhere. As organic material builds up, water begins to back up. This causes loose materials to jam up, and water to pour over the edge of the gutter. While a cleanout can help, over time, this can significantly damage gutters and cause them to break away or bend. Seamless gutters solve that problem because they are manufactured with one piece of material and are less likely to have weak spots throughout. 

Contacting a good commercial seamless guttering install pro should be your first step. From there, they can come out and quote you on a complete replacement and commercial seamless gutter installation.

Pooling Water is a Problem

Calling someone for commercial seamless guttering services should be a priority if you have pooling water around your building. Having inadequately installed gutters (or no gutters at all) can cause excess water to pool up around your building's foundation. This can lead to flooding and moisture issues in and around the building. A company that specializes in commercial guttering services can help identify underlying issues and either repair or replace them if needed.

Cracks in the Foundation or Concrete

Often, when a gutter system is faulty or broken, it can affect the foundation of the building. This is due to water dripping along the roof and down into the foundation. This can cause the ground to become unstable and eventually affect the foundation. Water can also seep through and damage walls, joists, and window frames, leading to major structural damage. 

Over time, excess water can damage nearby concrete surfaces. This means sidewalks, porches, and driveways to your commercial space can be affected. A commercial seamless gutter install can help remedy the problem and restore proper water flow. 

Seamless gutters are a leak-resistant and long-lasting option for keeping your building in the best structural shape. It's all part of the many working parts that help keep your investment thriving throughout the seasons. If you are having issues with faulty gutters, or you don't have any gutters on your commercial building, act now and have the pros come out and take a look.