The Benefits Of Raking Your Lawn

1 October 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

As the seasons begin to change, one thing is sure, the leaves will begin to fall off the trees. If there are a lot of trees around your yard, it's also safe to say that a decent amount of leaves can end up piling up in your yard. Although it isn't exactly a fun activity, it's important that you rake your leaves. Aside from making your lawn look more kept and neat, raking produces a number of additional benefits.

Benefits of Raking

  • Oxygen. One of the greatest benefits raking offers is that it gives your lawn a chance to breathe. When you have an excessive amount of leaves in your yard, this prevents the flow oxygen deep into the roots of the grass. Roots that are unable to get sufficient oxygen are more prone to discoloration and may eventually cause the grass to die.
  • Compost. The leaves you collect during the raking process make a great form of organic compost. The reason organic matter is so important for your lawn is that it promotes healthy microbial growth. Healthy microbial growth keeps your soil fertile and rich, which are key elements to a lush lawn. Additionally, this homemade form of compost will be considerably cheaper than an option you would have to go out and purchase.
  • Disease. Raking leaves can also help promote healthy trees. In some instances, the dead leaves that have fallen from the tree contain diseases. Although these diseases won't affect your lawn, when you leave the leaves on your lawn, it's much easier for the disease to transfer back to the tree. Removing the leaves help decrease the risk of the disease transferring back to the tree and causing further damage.

Raking Tips

If you have a large yard or a yard with a lot of trees, make a raking schedule. For example, during the season transition period, rake the front yard on Saturday and the backyard on Sunday. Breaking this task up ensures that you won't tire yourself out and actually complete the process.

It might also be a good idea to invest in a leaf blower. The blower will help with the task of gathering all the leaves into a central location so that you can more easily bag and dispose of them.

When it comes to keeping your lawn in a healthy condition, it all begins with you. Make sure you are raking your lawn to keep it healthy and looking great. Visit Headman Lawn Care and Christmas Lighting if you need help with lawn maintenance.