The Bloomin' Truth: 5 Flowery Facts To Know Before You Order A Bouquet For A Loved One

7 October 2015
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Ordering flowers for delivery to a special someone is easier than ever. But there are 5 things about floral arrangements that you must know before you have flowers sent to the homes of your loved ones:

1. Yes, you can send arrangements to people with allergies.

People who are highly allergic to flower pollen won't appreciate blossoms that make them go into sneezing fits, but your florist has many non-sneeze-inducing choices for bouquets. Just be sure to order a custom bouquet rather than a standard design for pollen-sensitive friends and family.

You never know what may be substituted in a prearranged bouquet if the florist runs out of a certain type of flower, so you can't control what blooms may be sent. Instead, try to speak directly to the florist who will do the delivery, and have them create a custom arrangement of flowers that don't have exposed stamens (the part that the pollen sticks to). Or, give a foliage plant with no booms to make sending a safe plant even easier.

2. Be careful about bouquets sent to homes with pets.

Cats and dogs often chew on plants, but some blossoms and foliage can be deadly when nibbled. Even just a tiny dab of the yellow pollen from lilies can kill cats very quickly.

Before you send any arrangements to a home where critters live, check pet websites to make sure which plants to avoid, and consult with the floral shop to be certain you're sending a pet-safe bouquet.

3. You need to chill to keep cut flowers alive.

If you want your home arrangements to last the longest, keep the vase water very cold. You can even add an ice cube or two to the water. Chilling the vase water will preserve the flowers and keep them from wilting, but change the water every day or so and re-cut the bottom of stems each time you do. Let your loved ones know this trick when you send them flowers, too, so they can keep your gift fresh longer.

4.There's no such thing as a "season" for flowers.

A great many flowers for bouquets are grown in South America, where the weather favors year-round blossoms. So there's really no such thing as a "season" for certain flowers. If you want sunflowers in December or roses in January, your florist can deliver. For rare or specialty flowers, however, you will want to call ahead to make sure they can be ordered in time for your occasion.

5. Think flowery, act globally.

Different cultures attach their own meanings to certain flowers. If you're sending an arrangement to someone from another nation or culture, make sure your choice of blooms won't insult.

In France and Poland, for example, carnations are considered funeral flowers, so sending them may be considered an insult. Ask around and do your research before ordering a bouquet so you'll delight rather than offend your intended recipients.

Your florist is a great source of information on these and other flower-related issues, so be sure to consult them when you have questions about ordering floral arrangements.

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