The Greatest Risks You'll Face When Removing A Tree

12 January 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Regardless of the size of the tree that you are removing, there is always a risk that the tree will fall and will strike you, potentially causing an injury. To stay safe, you must understand the inherent dangers that you may face when you cut the tree down.

Becoming Injured Without A Partner

Work with several partners. If the tree falls on you, you could become trapped and someone will need to seek out help. Also, your partner may notice that the tree is falling before you notice. When removing a tree with multiple partners, one partner can use a strap to control the direction that the tree falls as you cut the tree down.

A Weak Or Broken Branch Giving Way

The tree might have a weak or broken branch that may fall unexpectedly when removing the tree, which can cause an injury. Do not use a dead or weakened branch for support. Dead branches do not have leaves, often have bark that is peeling off and might have a large amount of fungi growing on them.

A Sudden Swarm Of Poisonous Insects

Inspect the tree to make sure that it does not contain poisonous insects. Work gloves and protective gear will protect you from biting insects. A sudden swarm of bees could cause you to lose your balance and fall. If the tree does have an infestation, consider hiring a pest control specialist to remove the pests before removing the tree.

The Tree Falling In An Unexpected Direction

Trees have a tendency to fall in an unexpected direction. Dead and dying trees are the most likely to fall in a surprising direction, which is why trees are best removed long before they are dying. Always wear a helmet with a face shield when cutting down a tree to protect yourself.

When the tree is very large, it will need to be cut into smaller sections to make it easier to remove it. When only a small portion of the tree remains, it will be easier to control when the remainder is cut down.

A Tree That Must Be Removed By A Professional

Some trees are simply too dangerous to not be removed by a professional. The safest way to remove a tree is to secure it with a crane. However, the crane requires special training to operate. Therefore, if you do not believe it is safe to remove your tree, hire a professional who specializes in tree removal.