Not-So-Extreme Home Office Makeover: Little Changes That Will Make A Huge Impact In Your Home Office And Not Break Your Budget

5 February 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Is your home office in serious need of a makeover, but you don't have a lot of money to spend on a remodeling project? Fortunately, you can still get a new look without spending a fortune.

Making just a few small changes can make a huge impact on the appearance of your home office. You can have an office that looks brand new in no time at all and still have money in the bank.

Get creative with new drapery treatments

Nothing changes the appearance of a room faster than a pair of new drapes. If you currently are using only window blinds, switching to drapery treatments from a company like Sylvans & Phillips Drapes and Blinds can transform the look of a home office in a matter of minutes. And don't be afraid to try a bold color or design when selecting your drapery treatments.

Who says offices have to be bland and boring? Color is the key to bringing any room to life. Look for drapery treatments in bold shades of orange, yellow, or red to create a warm look. If you prefer a cooler look, opt for drapery treatments in blues, greens, or grays.

If you are already using drapes in the room, choose drapery treatments in another style. For instance, switch from rod-pocket panels to tab-top panels. Switch from sheers to thermal drapes. You can also choose to use just a topper rather than the entire drape to create a more open look.

Get creative with color

Sometimes it's the smallest things that make the biggest difference in the appearance of a room. Shop office supply stores for office gadgets in unique colors. Look for tape dispensers, staplers, notebooks, letter holders, and filing folders in bold hues.

Even an inexpensive pencil holder in a whimsical style or bold color can brighten a desk instantly. A see-through acrylic file holder is a great way to show off file folders in bold colors or designs.

Get creative with décor

You don't need a lot of decorative items to change the look of an office. Choose décor wisely. A simple green plant will bring a touch of the outdoors into an office. A small vase of silk flowers can have a dramatic impact when placed on a bookcase or windowsill.

Make your own inspiration board out of a cork bulletin board. Brighten up the board by purchasing a yard of fabric from your local department or craft store. Stretch the fabric over the board and staple to the back. Tack inspirational quotes, pictures, and slogans to the fabric-covered front of the board.

Changing the content of the board frequently is a perfect way to make your home office fresh and new on a regular basis. You can also decorate your board to coincide with the different seasons by changing the fabric you used to cover the board.

With some easy and inexpensive changes, you can perform a home office makeover that looks extreme but only took you a small amount of time to complete. Your office will look fresh and inviting, and your bank account will still be intact.