Luxurious Ideas For A Walk-In Shower

18 July 2016
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The bathroom is a particularly utilitarian space in your house. However, it has so many options for being a retreat as well. Imagine your favorite spa getaway – the majority of the activities are those that involve water, right? A walk-in shower is a good place to start to create that luxurious ambience. As you approach your bathroom remodel or design from scratch, create a well-appointed walk-in shower.

Steam Generator

One of the great joys of going to a spa is lounging in a steam bath. This is easier to incorporate in your shower than you might think. Contractors can install a small steam generator in the vicinity of your shower, say in a linen closet. The enclosure has to be sealable, and the ceiling should be angled. However, once the shower is outfitted, it's simply a matter of flipping a switch to transform your shower into a steam bath.

Oversized Shower

If you have the space available, consider making your walk-in shower extra big. You have many options for the design. For example, if the bathroom is shared, consider making the shower dual-occupancy with shower heads on either side. Another option is to have a reclining bench built in. This is especially useful if you include a steam generator, according to Home and Garden TV. You could also have the shower designed with a grooming area for shaving, brushing your teeth and other tasks.

Customized Sprays

Whether you have a lot of room or not, another way to create a luxurious feel in your shower is with customized sprays. You can select a spa panel or work with contractors on a set of sprays for your preferences. Contractors can mix vertical body sprays with hand-held showers, traditional sprays and even a rain shower head.

Glass Enclosure

When it comes to enclosing your luxurious shower, glass is the best bet. Glass affords you the most cohesive design because it virtually disappears. Yet the surface reflects light back into the bathroom, giving it an airy ambience. The type of glass enclosure you opt for depends on your bathroom design. For instance, if you're going the steam bath route, you'll need a full enclosure. However, you can also keep the whole design open and just have glass panels installed. It's also possible to have a room enclosed as a private shower space.

Barrier-Free Shower

No matter the style of shower, a barrier-free entry is ideal. Barrier free showers are always used in universal design. However, the style is practical for anyone. No more stubbed toes, plus it's one less component that needs to be cleaned. Combined with rimless glass, a barrier-free entry also minimizes the visual impact of your shower enclosure.

Create a feeling of luxury with a beautiful and practical walk-in shower.