Want The Look Of Natural Stone At A Lower Cost? Consider Cast Stone Home Improvements

21 December 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If you are planning on remodeling or upgrading your home, you may find natural stone to be cost-prohibitive. If you want the look of natural stone at a lower cost, consider talking with a masonry contractor about cast-stone surfaces. Cast stone is a porous material, made from a combination of cement and aggregate material, which is then tinted to resemble natural stone.

Cast stone is an interesting material that looks expensive, but that could fit your budget. Use it to refurbish:

Fireplace facades. Cast stone is the ideal surfacing material to give a fresh face to a tired or drab fireplace. You can alter the mood of your entire home simply by resurfacing and enhancing your fireplace; create a focal point that sets the design theme for the home. Cast stone could effectively give your fireplace a rustic Southwestern look or the regal look of a vintage hearth and mantle—the choice is yours!

Outdoor features. Resurface and refurbish outdoor features, such as your retaining walls, out-buildings, or gazebos with cast stone. The porous nature may make it more suited to areas where it won't be submerged in water, though it could be effectively used to give the base or the backsplash of a fountain a new look.

Kitchen backsplashes. Refresh your kitchen with cast-stone medallions inlaid on your backsplash. These can be formed, molded, and cut to your specifications, so talk with a contractor for your options.

Additionally, cast stone is ideal for enhancing your home, too:

Architectural elements. Many people use cast stone to change their home's curb appeal. It makes a wonderful way to trim windows, eaves, and the chimney, creating a vintage, Victorian air.

Cosmetic molding. Use cast stone inside the home in doorways, above window sashes, and over existing trim to create an entirely different look to any room.

Artistic features. Cast stone is often used for yard art, statues, and artistic pieces around the home. It also makes a good choice for garden benches and feeders.

Reasonable repairs. Since cast stone is cheaper than natural stone, it is often used when repairing broken stone surfaces, tiles, or slabs. It can be tinted, shaped, and formed to fit the damaged area, which results in a cohesive-looking surface.

Talk with masonry contractors about pragmatic ways to take advantage of cast stone in your remodeling projects. From creating a unique atmosphere in your home to serving utilitarian purposes, this material is a cost-efficient approach to upgrading and enhancing your property. Check out websites like http://www.harristone.com for more information.