What Can You Do To Survive A Complete Kitchen Renovation?

21 December 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Surviving a kitchen remodel can take considerable planning ahead of time. Even though it might not seem like it will be too bad now, it can be a bit more stressful than you realize. To help avoid some of the stress of living without a kitchen while your renovation is in full-swing, here are some steps to help you get through it.  

Plan the Remodel

Your preparations for the renovation of your kitchen do not start a day or two before demolition is set to begin. They actually start with the planning of your new kitchen. A well-designed plan for your kitchen can help you estimate how long you will be out of your kitchen and avoids delays. Stopping to make decisions about your kitchen's designs can significantly slow your project.  

A plan also helps you pinpoint whether or not you will need permits to complete your kitchen. If you are doing a complete remodel, chances are you do need permits, and it can take awhile to sometimes secure them. Once you know which permits you need, you can apply for them now and avoid yet another delay in your renovation.  

Review your plan with your contractor to ensure that all of the preparation work on his or her end has been taken care of. You also need to get a realistic estimate of how long it will take to complete the renovation. 

Set up a Temporary Kitchen

Unless you and your family are planning to eat out three times a day, you need to create a space where meals can be cooked. Your temporary kitchen does not have to be elaborate. It only needs to be functional.  

For instance, instead of tossing your old refrigerator, move it to another room. You can place it in the garage, basement, or even an unused space in the guest room. The old refrigerator can still be used to store groceries until your kitchen is completed.  

You also need to invest in an electric tabletop burner, slow cooker, and microwave. These can take the place of your conventional oven for many meal preparations.  

In addition to these measures, invest in paper plates and plastic utensils. Unless you have a utility sink you can use for washing dishes, being able to toss used plates and utensils can help. 

Consult with a remodeling service like Property Service Agency LLC to learn of other ways you and your family can survive the renovation.