Kids Move Out And Want To Make Over Your Kitchen? Start Out With Your Countertop

29 December 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Making over your kitchen after all the kids have moved out is a good time to do it. This is because you likely have more money now as you have less mouths to feed. If you have had the same countertops for years replacing them can make a big difference in the way your kitchen looks. When you start looking at the countertops you will find a variety to choose from which can make it hard to choose what would work best for you. For some help, below are four different types of countertops you should consider.


Granite countertops are beautiful and they offer many benefits. For example, you can place hot items directly onto the countertop without causing any damage. You can cut on the granite also, such as cutting up vegetables, and won't have to worry about scratching up the countertop. Once the countertop is sealed, it is resistant to stains. Granite is also non-porous, which makes it sanitary.  The only downfall to a granite countertop is it must be resealed every couple of years.


A laminate countertop is inexpensive but it is still stylish. Laminate is popular because it is available in a variety of patterns to mimic the look of quartz, wood, or natural stone. It is resistant to heat and stains. It will, however, scratch up if you cut directly onto the countertop. If you use any type of abrasive cleaners or abrasive pads on the countertop, they will scratch it up also.


Quartz is a mixture of resin, color, and mineral to create a unique countertop. If you love to cook and bake and use your kitchen a lot, a quartz countertop would be a good choice for you. This is because it requires less maintenance and is more durable when compared to other options. Sitting hot pots on the quartz will not damage it. You can use abrasive pads and cleaners and it will not scratch the quartz, you can cut on the quartz, and it is stain resistant.


A wood countertop is good choice if you do a lot of cooking and food prep. If the wood is sealed properly, it is sanitary and you can even chop meat on it. Wood is also resistant to heat. If you do not want all wood in your kitchen, you could also use engineered or natural stone to provide you with a variety of surfaces. Wood will scratch, however, so you cannot cut directly onto it. Hardwood is generally used for these countertops, such as oak, cherry, maple, and birch.

Talk with a salesperson that sells countertops, like one from Artisan Granite & Marble, for more information on these options.