Does Your House Need A Waterproofing System?

12 December 2022
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A waterproofing system installation project can protect your investment in your house. Some homeowners are unsure if their places need this level of protection, though. If you're trying to decide, here is how you can determine if a waterproofing system is necessary.

Check the Surrounding Ground

Especially if your house shows no signs of trouble, it's a good idea to check the surrounding ground. You want to verify that it doesn't get soggy, particularly in the days following rain storms. Even in very dry regions, you can be surprised by how much water will stay in the ground after rain events.

If the ground surrounding a house stays soggy for hours or days after rain falls, it might need a basement waterproofing system installation. Many newer buildings that don't have waterproofing are just getting by until water breaches the basement walls. It is better to pre-empt the issue and install waterproofing while the structure's condition is still good.

Basement Deterioration

Once water gets into a basement, the walls will begin to deteriorate. The most visible signs of deterioration tend to be crumbling and cracks. If there is older waterproofing material on the walls, it might start flaking off and falling onto the basement floor, too. Evidence of materials coming out of the wall is bad. If you can see sunlight through the cracks, then you may also need to have a contractor do some repairs before you even consider a waterproofing system installation plan.

Mineral Collection

Two minerals tend to collect in walls that are letting water into a basement. Foremost, salt often dissolved from the soil into the water. It tracks through the wall with the water, and then the water evaporates when it gets inside the building. You may see white patches on the basement wall where the salt accumulates. Even if no deterioration is evident, the water may still come through stones, blocks, or bricks.

Secondly, rust can also leach through. You might see rust come from the iron content in the soil. It also can come out of stone materials in the wall itself.

Visible Water

If water is getting through the wall to where you can see it on the basement floor, that can cause problems. Contact a waterproofing contractor immediately.


When water is present in a closed space, it can promote mold. You might notice a stronger-than-normal mildew smell in the basement. Also, you could see visible patches of mold growing on the walls, wood, or fixtures.

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